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In This Article

  1. The Bumpy Road to Successful Investing
  2. Starting From Scratch
  3. The Answer Is Financial Education

You have no money. Checking your bank account makes you feel hopeless. But you can build success from the ashes. Whether your desire is to start a business, invest in real estate, trade stocks, or buy commodities—this information is designed to help you achieve your goals.

Over the past decade and a half I’ve had the chance to teach investing and money concepts to tens of thousands of people worldwide. It may sound hard to believe, but the results are the same for almost everyone.

As you pursue your journey to become an investor, you can gain an important new understanding of how money works. You’ll never look at it the same way again. Your confidence will grow and you’ll have a great time along the way.

I’m the author of two books: Stock Market Cash Flow and 401(k)aos. These books help people understand the financial problems they are facing with retirement. More importantly—they teach people how they can solve these problems.

The Bumpy Road to Successful Investing

The road to becoming a successful investor might be a bumpy one. That’s okay. Bumps in the road are not indicators that you are failing. The obstacles you face are a part of your journey.  

In each of my own failures, I have had to make a decision: either move forward or quit. When you decide to stand up and move forward, you transform your failure into a lesson rather than an ending. That is why I am grateful for my mistakes. I know that sounds weird. I’m not saying they were fun and I’m not saying I want to relive them, but I would not be where I am today without them.

Starting From Scratch

My goal isn’t to help the person with millions of dollars make more millions of dollars. No. This is for the single mother starting from scratch. This is for the father who was wiped out by medical bills and is trying to climb out of bankruptcy. This is for the college student who is struggling to find a field of study she feels passionate about and deeply wants to become an entrepreneur.

I have started businesses and purchased real estate without any money. The purpose of this article is to help you understand how anyone can start from nothing and build success.

At this point in your journey, take a breath. Do not become too fixated on crossing the finish line. Instead, focus on getting to the starting line. There is no recipe or equation I can hand you that will magically make you millions. But I can give you tactics used by the rich every single day. And, as a result, you will gain an understanding of how you can create something valuable from something worthless.

Doesn’t It Take Money To Make Money?

Our beliefs guide our actions, our feelings, and our thoughts. We have a lot of beliefs surrounding money. One of these beliefs is fairly common: It takes money to make money.

There are two reasons why I believe this notion of needing money to make money is false:

  1. My personal experience has taught me that it’s 100% possible to achieve success when starting with no money. I have personally reaped many thousands of dollars in cash flow for me and my family starting with absolutely nothing.
  2. In my circle of friends and mentors, I’ve seen firsthand how other people have accomplished this same thing. They have shown that it doesn’t take money to go out and make money.

Here’s even more proof for you. Consider the following famous wealthy people:

wealthy, financially educated people

Now think about this: What if we took away all of the wealth of these people by taking every last penny from their bank accounts. Where do you think they would be in five years?

Since they don’t have any more money, do you think they would be destined for poverty?

Would we see them on the streets homeless without any hope of ever earning back what they once had?

Or do you believe that they would find their way back on top?

When I ask this question to groups of investors, almost everyone realizes that these icons would become rich again. If that is true, how could they do it? If it takes money to make money, how can a person who is absolutely penniless climb up to the highest levels of wealth again?

Is it because of dumb luck or karma?

Or is it because they possess some type of knowledge that other people don’t have?

The Answer Is Financial Education

a group of people working on their financial education

These people, and many others, have risen to the top for a reason. They have taken responsibility for their financial education and learned how to invest properly and wisely. They didn’t take shortcuts. They continually improved their financial education levels until they obtained huge success.

If a person wants to be a concert pianist, the only thing that stands between where they are now and performing on a stage is training, good mentors, hard work, and time. The catalyst for everything is education.

The secret ingredients to every worthwhile investing strategy are financial education and effort. If you are willing to put in the work, the time, manage risk wisely, and get out of your comfort zone, you can begin to experience your own success.