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In This Article

  1. My Early Days in Real Estate
  2. Discovering Multifamily Syndications
  3. Lessons from Failure
  4. Looking Ahead

Growing up in a family of hardworking tradesmen, I was no stranger to the grind.

My dad was a plumber, and my uncles worked in construction and truck driving. Project management and operations were a part of our daily conversations at the dinner table.

Being surrounded by this kind of work ethic and “can-do” attitude set me up to dream bigger, work smarter, not harder, and help others do the same.

My Early Days in Real Estate

My journey into real estate began in 2010 when I stumbled upon Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book completely altered my understanding of what financial independence means. 

Eager to dive deeper, I attended a Fortune Builders seminar in 2016. By then, I had started flipping land and houses and dabbling in mobile home investments. These initial steps were eye-opening, teaching me the real estate basics while highlighting the need to scale up to hit my financial goals.

Discovering Multifamily Syndications

The real game-changer came when I discovered multifamily syndications. This method allows multiple investors to pool resources and buy larger properties they couldn't normally afford. This allowed me to jump into a multifamily complex with less risk and more reward.

The guidance from the seasoned investors involved in the deal uncovered the secrets to managing larger properties and structuring deals that were a win-win for everyone.

Lessons from Failure

It wasn’t always roses. In 2019, my construction business took a nosedive, dropping from $1.2 million to just $20,000 in revenue. This brutal setback forced me to rethink my business strategies and financial management. Here are the steps I took to bounce back:

  • Reevaluate Business Strategies: I assessed what was going wrong and identified areas for improvement.
  • Strengthen Financial Buffer: I built a more robust financial cushion to weather future downturns.
  • Implement Flexible Models: I adapted my business model to be more flexible and responsive to market changes.
  • Develop Stronger Systems: I invested in better financial tracking and project management systems.
  • Focus on Risk Management: I emphasize identifying and mitigating risks early.

This challenging period has taught me the importance of having a solid financial safety net and a flexible business model that spreads risk while setting me up long-term wealth. Ultimately, this failure paved the way for my success in multifamily syndications, pushing me to build more robust systems and better risk management practices.

Looking Ahead

The five-year goal is to own 500 apartment units, personally structured and financed. I strive to create a legacy of wealth for my family and help other investors achieve financial success through real estate. Investing in multifamily properties has transformed my financial future and allowed me to impact the communities I invest in positively. It’s about creating value, both for myself and others.

My journey from hardship to real estate success shows that with the right mindset, perseverance, and strategic planning, you can turn any challenge into an opportunity for growth and success.