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  1. Idea #1: Collect and Resell Golf Balls
  2. Idea #2: Recycle Aluminum Cans
  3. Idea #3: Walk the Neighbors' Dogs
  4. Idea #4: Mowing Lawns
  5. Idea #5: Host a Neighborhood Car Wash
  6. Idea #6: Lemonade Stand
  7. Idea #7: Stream on Twitch 
  8. Idea #8: Online Surveys
  9. Idea #9: Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace or Etsy
  10. Idea #10: Babysit
  11. The Bottom Line: How to Make Money as a Kid

How can you make money as a kid?

As a kid wanting some extra cash — maybe for toys, games, or building a savings account — it may initially appear that your options are restricted. 

You’re unable to drive, you have limited experience or expertise in any specific area, and the majority of your week is likely devoted to school. 

Despite all that, there are ways to make extra money — if you’re willing to be creative. Plus, there are important lessons you can learn along the way, including lessons about investing and entrepreneurship

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In this article, we’ll look at 10 practical and proven ways to make money as a kid. 

Idea #1: Collect and Resell Golf Balls

First on our list for how to make money as a kid: collecting golf balls

This underrated side gig can earn you great money if you know where to look. 

The obvious spots are water hazards and thick brush along the sides of golf courses. 

As a kid looking to make money, this can be a gold mine — with consistent searching along with a little luck. 

You can sell these in bulk to wholesale retailers or on your own via marketplace apps.

Idea #2: Recycle Aluminum Cans

Making money as a kid can also be helpful to the environment. 

Collecting cans until stockpiling a decent amount can be a great way to do this. 

Most cities have many locations spread around town to drop off cans for cash. 

Current rates for donating aluminum cans sit at around $0.34/pound.

Idea #3: Walk the Neighbors' Dogs

A surprisingly lucrative job, walking dogs can be a business idea that scales as much as you want it to. 

It's an excellent way to begin to make money as a kid because it requires almost no upfront costs. 

Most pet owners can supply their own leashes and really, that's all that would be necessary. 

Working adults who wish to keep their dogs active but can't find the time would be ideal candidates for the service.

Idea #4: Mowing Lawns

One of the classic ways to make money as a kid is yard work. 

Using the family lawnmower immediately gives you access to the tools you need.

Mowing lawns within walking distance to your own house allows for continuous income during the spring and summer months.

You can even extend this out to offering additional yard work to have even more potential profit per customer. 

Add-ons can include: 

  • raking leaves
  • cleaning up shrubs
  • hosing down the driveway

Idea #5: Host a Neighborhood Car Wash

A neighborhood-wide carwash could be another great way to pull in some quick cash for a day's work. 

One thing to do when considering this is to create flyers to pass around and drum up awareness. 

Of all the ways to make money as a kid, this may be the most enticing on a hot summer day.

Idea #6: Lemonade Stand

Requiring only the skill to create a sign and mix some powder, this way to make money as a kid takes the least amount of effort. 

It can be done by kids essentially any age as well. 

Although spare change may seem like it’s not worth your time, you’d be surprised at how much can be made from offering a cold beverage to passers-by. 

Idea #7: Stream on Twitch 

Given the age of technology we are in, you no longer even have to leave your desk to make money as a kid. You can stream on Twitch and make money! 

Take note, however, you do have to be at least 13 years old to be allowed to stream your favorite videogame per Twitch’s user agreement. 

If you meet this requirement though, this can be a way to make money literally doing what most kids want to anyway.

Idea #8: Online Surveys

Online surveys are another technology-based option to take advantage of when looking to make money as a kid. 

Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are two of the most reputable places to begin with this category. 

Completing surveys can pay out anywhere from $1-$5 according to Swagbucks so — if you’re willing to put the time in — this can scale quickly. 

Idea #9: Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace or Etsy

Garage sales have been a way to turn in unused items of yours into cash for decades. 

Today though, we can once again take advantage of technology to increase the amount of people you reach and increase the chances for selling more items. 

Etsy is geared more toward handmade items so if you’re crafty, you could list your items both on there as well as Facebook Marketplace. 

Idea #10: Babysit

Last but not least, babysitting remains a very viable option for making money as a kid today.

This is a great way to help out your neighbors and begin to gain responsibility too. 

Depending on the number of children, their age, and the amount of time your needed, the money earned for doing this can be quite high. 

The Bottom Line: How to Make Money as a Kid

Working to earn money for yourself at a young age can establish good saving habits and an appreciation for hard work. 

It can possibly even lead to discovering a desire for investing and entrepreneurship

Use one or a few of these how to make money as a kid options so that you can earn extra income and learn a few money-saving habits along the way.