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  1. The 10 Best Stock Trading Apps of 2022
  2. The Bottom Line: Stock Trading Apps

There are many benefits of stock trading: adding another income stream, earning passive income, staying ahead of inflation, and more. 

But to experience these benefits, you need to make wise investment decisions — and stock trading apps can help

Stock trading apps make it easier for investors to access the market in ways they never have before, without being tied to a desk all day. Plus, they are free to download, save time, and provide quick order fulfillment.

Traders can use advanced tools and features available on the best stock trading apps to review the charts and information they need to execute their trading strategies properly.

But with so many stock trading apps, how can you choose the right one?

We took the time to rank the 10 best of 2022, including:

  • Their advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Unique features
  • Who the stock trading app is best for 

If you’re ready to find out which stock trading app is right for you, let’s get started!

The 10 Best Stock Trading Apps of 2022


  • Advantages: financial literacy information, cashback at over 350 select retailers, 100% hands-free stock trading option
  • Disadvantages: charges a small monthly subscription fee, high fees for low account balances
  • Unique Features: "Round-Up" feature rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests that money to build your investment account
  • Best For: young investors, novice investors, investors with minimal funds to invest

Charles Schwab 

  • Advantages: great educational resources, lots of stock trading tools, excellent customer service, wide variety of features, no account minimums, $0 stock trading fees
  • Disadvantages: relatively high margin rates
  • Unique Features: fractional share trading
  • Best For: new or advanced investors, investors who are serious about long term stock trading, investors who rely on premium research resources, investors who desire excellent resources for their research


  • Advantages: advanced stock trading app, in-depth educational resources, fantastic selection of trading tools, fantastic customer support
  • Disadvantages: $1,000 minimum required for streaming data, higher-margin rates
  • Unique Features: easiest stock trading app
  • Best For: new traders, day traders

Fidelity Investments 

  • Advantages: fractional share investing, excellent mobile app, fantastic order execution, highly customizable
  • Disadvantages: higher margin rates, app not great for day traders
  • Unique Features: allows trading on international stock exchanges
  • Best For: beginners who desire a more robust app, active investors, buy and hold investors

Interactive Brokers 

  • Advantages: outstanding research tools, no account fees, no account minimum required
  • Disadvantages: desktop platform challenging for beginners, the mobile app is average at best
  • Unique Features: low margin rates
  • Best For: casual investors, experienced traders, day traders


  • Advantages: user-friendly platform, allows fractional share investing, low cost, hassle-free stock trading
  • Disadvantages: minimal educational tools, no advanced trading tools, limited customer support
  • Unique Features: the first $0 stock trading app  
  • Best For: beginners looking for a simple stock trading app


  • Advantages: wide range of low-cost investments, unlimited access to certified financial planners, allows fractional share trading
  • Disadvantages: no stock research, no advanced trading platform
  • Unique Features: offers a wide variety of financial products in one easy to use platform
  • Best For: investors who want to use simple automated investing, new investors, young investors


  • Advantages: fractional share trading, no account minimums, "Round-up" purchase feature to increase investment funds
  • Disadvantages: high fees, no personalized investment advice, small recurring monthly fee
  • Unique Features: automated guidance and investing, one of the best stock trading apps for socially conscious investors
  • Best For: new traders who want to learn how to invest, young investors

TD Ameritrade

  • Advantages: excellent educational resources, fully customizable trading platform, excellent customer support, premium mobile trading platform, free research
  • Disadvantages: high margin costs, no fractional shares offered
  • Unique Features: outstanding all-around experience, known as one of the best stock trading apps in the industry
  • Best For: traders interested in trading multiple types of financial assets, new traders, advanced traders


  • Advantages: no commissions on stock trading, low margin rates, excellent research and analysis tools, no account minimums
  • Disadvantages: subpar customer support
  • Unique Features: virtual trading simulator
  • Best For: new traders, active traders who need powerful research tools

The Bottom Line: Stock Trading Apps

For beginners, stock trading apps are a great way to develop the mindset necessary to create passive income or grow long-term wealth. 

For advanced traders, the best stock trading apps provide the potential to profit substantially from their knowledge and experience of the market.

Keep in mind that it's a good idea to try a few different platforms before selecting the best stock trading apps that are best suited for you. 

Often, these apps will have promotions for new users. Be sure to research any current promotions your desired apps may be running.

Above all, ensure that before you put your money on the line and begin trading, ensure that you have a well-researched stock market strategy in place.