Elisa Stabile

Real Estate Redeveloper & Solutions Specialist, Above and Beyond Properties

Elisa began her real estate career by renovating her first property in 2000. Since that time, she has been active in the renovation business in markets across the United States and was featured on a full season of A&E’s "Flipping San Diego." She has focused her real estate investments in the niches of distressed properties, foreclosures, auction properties, short sales and rental properties. In addition to being skilled at raising private money, she has also been a private money lender herself. She also has experience as a property manager and mortgage broker. She spent many years as a small business owner and developed her skills in marketing and copywriting. Elisa has spent over 15 years coaching investors and knows the value of financial education and a healthy, growth mindset. She is a single mother raising her son in San Diego and enjoys traveling all over the world.