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Blogging for Income

How To Make Money Writing About the Things You Love

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How To Make Money Writing About the Things You Love

You're going to get to know Philip “PT” Taylor. This guy is an icon in the personal finance industry.
He started a blog called PT Money showing people how to be better with financial decisions and financial education. In that journey, he also went on to found FinCon, which is one of the leading conferences in the space.
You're going to hear about his own personal journey of getting out of debt, him and his family. How he started a blog on the side, was able to monetize it, and then ultimately started this event which he is monetizing as well.

A key takeaway that you're going to discover is this idea of paying yourself first. You may have heard that. However, in the context of what PT says, it's a lot different than you may think. PT talks about paying yourself first, especially as a business owner, making sure not to put everything back into the business, but you are able to extract money from the thing that you created.

The other thing I found fascinating that you're going to discover is he says, “Manipulate.” I’m saying, “To change or to adopt a system that allows him to be who he was.” Rather than try to change himself and be Mr. Frugal, he created a system that allowed him to be who he was and still win the game.

The final thing that you're going to discover is this idea of tapping into your community. He talks about this idea of community. If you're starting a business or you want to be a better contributing member of society, you're going to find what says about building a community fascinating.

Meet Your Trainer

Philip Taylor

Founder of FinCon

Philip "PT" Taylor wanted to discover that special money-making idea that would allow him to escape the safe, but unsatisfying career path he found himself on. He found himself more dependent on the corporate paycheck and felt trapped with his car loans, student loans, and poor spending habits. Then he discovered some weird brave people on the Internet who were willing to share their success with money, side-hustling, and building a business, and those unknowing mentors gave him the fuel, confidence, and accountability he needed to start on my own journey towards financial freedom. Three years later, he left my job and started working on my side-hustle full-time. Since, he's written for US News & World Report, TurboTax, ING Direct, and PerkStreet. He's now fully self-employed and the creator of FinCon.

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