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Intentional Influence

How To Expand Your Network by Becoming a Center of Influence

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How To Expand Your Network by Becoming a Center of Influence

This talk is with a special guest. His name is Seth Greene. He’s a guy that I've known for quite some time from the marketing entrepreneurial world.

You're going to find out how Seth averted an abduction using Krav Maga. He was a grown man being kidnapped. I can't wait for you to hear that because it's quite fascinating.

Then we move onto talking about how you can become a person of influence. For those of you who want to start a business or have a business right now, it’s extremely important. It's what we're doing right now. It's podcasting being a big part of that formula. If you're looking to get clients, looking to attract business or at least started, a great strategy is being seen as the center of influence. We dive into that. How you can be seen as the influencer in your marketplace or even on a national level. We even talk a little bit about Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and Steve Forbes and how any of us could rub shoulders with them.

We’re going to talk about the shock and awe box. You don't have to be in business or want to start a business to benefit from this. This is a very powerful marketing strategy that allows you to set foot and gain access into places that you might not even with good old fashion knocking on a door and calling every day. The shock and awe box is a very powerful strategy to get your foot in any doors.

Meet Your Trainer

Seth Greene

CEO of Market Domination

Seth Greene is the nation’s foremost authority on growing your business with a podcast. He is the co-host of the Sharkpreneur podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington that was named “One of the Top 10 Podcasts to Listen to in 2019” by Nasdaq. He is also the founder of the direct response marketing firm Market Domination llc. He also is a 7-time best selling author who has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, Forbes, Inc, CBS Moneywatch and many more.

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