Crowdfunding with Kickstarter
Crowdfunding with Kickstarter

A Powerful 6-Part Online Course from Anthony Nardolillo, Film Director

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A Powerful 6-Part Online Course from Anthony Nardolillo, Film Director


Anthony Nardolillo

Film Director

Anthony Nardolillo is a producer/director who released his first feature film Shine in 2018. The film was shown in 600 theaters and is now available on all digital platforms and major airlines. Shine won Best Feature at HBO’s Urbanworld and garnered positive reviews from major publication such as the LA Times and New York Times. Nardolillo is currently preparing for his next movie as well as a future foray into directing episodic television. When not directing, Nardolillo works full-time in Corporate Finance which allows him to pursue his creative projects.

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About This Course

How To Raise the Money You Need To Get Your Business Off the Ground

Is a lack of money the only thing holding you back from starting — or growing — your business?

If so, then “crowdfunding” your business through may be your answer.

To date, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have used Kickstarter to raise over $4 billion to launch & grow their businesses — and you can too!

But if you think you can just list your project on Kickstarter . . . then kick back as the money rolls in, you’re wrong.  

It takes a well-timed campaign plan, an all-star team, and a few “matching donors” to truly make your business stand out and compel thousands of people around the globe to fund your mission.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in this all-new, online course!

In just 40 minutes, you’ll learn step-by-step . . .

  • How to create and execute a 60-Day Kickstarter Campaign Plan from exciting start to fully-funded finish
  • How to build a 3-Person Campaign Dream Team to help you plan, promote, and manage your project
  • Where to find and pitch “matching donors” to instantly 2X the funds you raise online

So if you’re ready to (finally!) set your money woes aside, get your business unstuck, and start blazing ahead with your mission — then take this all-new course today!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in This Course


Journey to Kickstarter

Meet your trainer Anthony Nardolillo — and learn how to use Kickstarter to raise money for ANY project.


Getting Started with Kickstarter

Discover the unlimited funding potential of Kickstarter and learn how to raise money for the creative business idea of your dreams!


Create Your Plan

Discover the top 4 Rules for a Successful Kickstarter Plan and how to use them to get your project “featured” . . . and funded!

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Building a Successful Campaign

Learn how to create a 60-Day Kickstarter Campaign that leverages the network you already have to drive donations like crazy!


Your Ideal Campaign Team

Learn how to build your Campaign Dream Team . . . and how to use “timed donor matching” to keep your donations coming and your project featured.


Donor Engagement Strategies

Learn how to boost donations using 3 types of donor rewards: products, experiences, and attention.

Crowdfunding with Kickstarter

2 Exercise Files Included

  • Components of a Great Kickstarter Sizzle Video
  • Anthony's Kickstarter Page

Watch On-Demand

Learn at your desk, in the gym, or on-the-go with our innovative online classroom.

38 Minute Watch Time

Broken into 6 bite-sized video modules for even the busiest of schedules.

Life-Changing Takeaways

The course is packed with hacks, tips, & takeaways that can impact your life immediately!


This training is everything I hoped it would be. It confirmed and added more detail to what I had already learned about building wealth. Thanks for all the great info, and now I'm even more excited to go out and get started!

Darrin Scott

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Explosive! This training touched base on all the things that I wondered about building wealth and needed to understand.

Venus Amos

Detroit, Michigan

I am so thankful to FINALLY get started on building financial freedom. You have given me the confidence that I can do it, and I truly appreciate the wealth of information and experience that is made available here.

Ben Vanderhoff

Greenwood, Indiana

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