Financing Your Business
Financing Your Business

A Powerful 6-Part Online Course from Gerri Detweiler, Education Director for Nav

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A Powerful 6-Part Online Course from Gerri Detweiler, Education Director for Nav


Gerri Detweiler

Education Director for Nav

Gerri Detweiler has more than 20 years experience guiding individuals through the confusing world of credit, and has earned a reputation as a reliable resource on personal and small business credit. She serves as Education Director for Nav, the first site to provide business owners with free business and personal credit scores. Gerri wrote the first mass market book that explained FICO scores, and has authored and coauthored five books, including Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track. She also has testified before Congress on consumer credit legislation.

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About This Course

How To Land a Business Loan (… Even If You’ve Got Bad Credit)

If you don’t have access to low-interest financing for your business . . . you’re taking BIG risks & missing golden opportunities.

Having access to debt will give your business a safety net to protect against short term cash flow problems — AND the ability to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that float your way like . . .

. . . inventory & equipment flash sales

. . . acquiring competitors for pennies on the dollar

. . . high ROI marketing campaigns

And more!

This course will give you 12+ financing options and teach you exactly how to apply for & unlock each one (. . . even without credit!).

You’ll learn step-by-step:

  • How to use a 12-step pre-financing checklist to prepare you business for capital hunting
  • How to unlock the 3 most common small business financing methods — PLUS how to unlock the best loan terms using the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • How to unlock 9 alternative funding options that don’t require great credit

. . . and more!

Remember . . . a businesses never failed because it had too much money at its disposal.

So if you’re ready to leverage debt like the world’s top-tier businesses — take this course today and get the financing that will make you the leader in your market.

Let’s get started!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in This Course


Cash Is King ... So Think Ahead

It’s true . . . cash is king. But learn how leveraging debt gives you unique opportunities to grow your business.


Pre-Financing Steps

Learn how to use a 6 step pre-financing checklist to prepare your business to hunt for leverage.


Getting Top-Tier Capital

Learn the top 3 sources of business financing — PLUS learn how to unlock the many types of U.S. Small Business Administration funding.

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Financing Where Great Credit Isn't Required

Discover 7 different financing strategies that don’t require great credit . . . and learn how you can use them to win serious leverage.


Money Options for Startups

Learn the unique ways new businesses can get financing — without using debt! [Bonus: discover the risks and rewards of starting a business with a credit card]


Get Started Now

Learn how to use financing wisely as an entrepreneur . . . and what types of financing actually affect your personal credit.

Financing Your Business

4 Exercise Files Included

  • 10 Popular Business Options Defined
  • 10 Questions to Ask Before You Borrow
  • 10 Types of Small Business Financing
  • Financing Checklist

Watch On-Demand

Learn at your desk, in the gym, or on-the-go with our innovative online classroom.

62 Minute Watch Time

Broken into 6 bite-sized video modules for even the busiest of schedules.

Life-Changing Takeaways

The course is packed with hacks, tips, & takeaways that can impact your life immediately!


This training is everything I hoped it would be. It confirmed and added more detail to what I had already learned about building wealth. Thanks for all the great info, and now I'm even more excited to go out and get started!

Darrin Scott

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Explosive! This training touched base on all the things that I wondered about building wealth and needed to understand.

Venus Amos

Detroit, Michigan

I am so thankful to FINALLY get started on building financial freedom. You have given me the confidence that I can do it, and I truly appreciate the wealth of information and experience that is made available here.

Ben Vanderhoff

Greenwood, Indiana

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