Real Estate Lead Generation
Real Estate Lead Generation

A Powerful 22-Part Online Course from Mary Anschutz, Co-Founder of Spark Properties

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A Powerful 22-Part Online Course from Mary Anschutz, Co-Founder of Spark Properties


Mary Anschutz

Co-Founder of Spark Properties

Mary and her husband have been active real estate investors since 2013. She earned degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University and then spent 20 years with 2 iconic companies, Coors and Heineken. Once Mary saw how real estate investing could change her family’s daily life and build a retirement legacy, she jumped in full time and is passionate about showing others how they can take control of their own lives — or supplement their income — through real estate. Being the mother of twin teenage daughters provides daily experience with negotiating, trouble shooting and strategic team management.

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About This Course

17 Ways to Find Great Investment Properties

Ever wonder how millionaire real estate investors actually find all the low-cost, high-profit deals they invest in?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know a few of their secrets so that YOU can take advantage of these deals too?

Truth is there are dozens – if not hundreds – of discounted investment properties available in your area that you can either flip for profit or rent out for passive monthly income.

You just need to know how to find them.

In this powerful online training course,  you’ll learn 17 surprising ways  to uncover “cheap” investment property – houses available right now in your local area at 10% to 50% below market value.  

This is a rare opportunity to learn (and implement!) the very same deal-finding strategies “the pros” use.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in This Course



Meet your trainer Mary Anschutz, an experienced commercial real estate portfolio manager and developer.



With the right amount of hustle and knowledge, you can start investing in real estate without a large marketing department or a monster budget.  Here’s how.


Strategy #1: Bandit Signs

Learn to create and strategically place these tiny little billboards to generate a steady flow of motivated seller leads.

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Strategy #2: Mailers

Discover how you can distribute letters & postcards to build your pipeline and expand your network. Learn the 3 key practices for nailing below-market deals with direct mail.


Strategy #3: Be a Big Fish

Be a big fish in a small pond. Learn how to become Mr. or Mrs. [insert your city] so that attorneys, agents, and fire marshals hand you discounted property leads for free.


Strategy #4: Agent Email Drip Strategy

Use this strategy to become the #1 call an agent makes when a new “pocket listing” comes across their desk.


Strategy #5: Be a Backup Hero for Pendings

Deals fall through all the time! Learn how to make deals fall into your hands by becoming the first choice “backup hero” for deals gone wrong.


Strategy #6: Hobnob with Attorneys

Learn how to leverage relationships with these two types of attorneys so that they send their clients – and their real estate deals – your way first.


Strategy #7: Vacant Properties in Code Crisis

The threat of property seizure puts sellers in a tight spot. Learn how to turn vacant properties into goldmines.


Strategy #8: Fire-Damaged Properties

A fire-damaged house is a hot lead in real estate investing! Learn how to find and buy fire-damaged properties from sellers.


Strategy #9: Estate Sales

Learn how to turn an estate sale into a real estate sale by showing compassion and offering a quick, all-cash purchase to the property owner.


Strategy #10: Carpet Bombing Sticky Notes

Discover how you can use sticky-notes to blanket hundreds of houses in cost-effective advertising that will generate you cheap real estate leads!


Strategy #11: Referrals from Property Managers

A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising. Learn how to rub elbows with property managers so that their clients come to you.


Strategy #12: Accidental and Burned-out Landlords

Between tenants and toilets, landlording can be too much for some people. Learn how to find burned-out landlords – and convert them from renting to selling!


Strategy #13: Sell Yourself on Craigslist

Discover how to create an ad for your real estate buying services on this free, popular, and easy-to-use website.


Strategy #14: YouTube

Learn how to create a short and simple YouTube video promoting your business. Discover which keywords to use to make it to the first page of your sellers’ searches!


Strategy #15: Eviction Court

Nobody likes going to court – especially when they’re being evicted. Learn how to turn eviction court into a win-win situation for you and your seller.


Strategy #16: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Learn how to cultivate pay-per-click ads with copy and keywords that generate you real estate leads.


Strategy #17: Daily, Custom MLS Hotsheet

Find out how you can get potential leads delivered to your inbox from the MLS every day in 3 easy-to-follow steps.


Top 50 MLS Keywords Cheat Sheet

Discover the top 50 MLS keywords for real estate investors to identify great deals – and hustle from there!


The Ultimate “Cheap House” Swipefile

You don’t need to tackle everything all at once. Figure out which tactics work best for you using this simple checklist.


Final Thoughts

Time to wrap up. You can use these 17 strategies to generate leads – but you have to want it and work for it. The bottom line? The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.

Real Estate Lead Generation

14 Exercise Files Included

  • 6 Must Have Features for Every Direct Mail Letter
  • 17 Smart Ways to Uncover Below Market Real Estate Deals in Your Local Area
  • Attorney Mailer
  • Craigslist Ad Examples
  • Craigslist Ad Templates
  • Craigslist Subject Line Examples
  • Direct Mail System
  • Direct Mail Tracker
  • Fire Damage Mailer
  • Generic Mailer
  • ... and 4 more

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39 Minute Watch Time

Broken into 22 bite-sized video modules for even the busiest of schedules.

Life-Changing Takeaways

The course is packed with hacks, tips, & takeaways that can impact your life immediately!


This training is everything I hoped it would be. It confirmed and added more detail to what I had already learned about building wealth. Thanks for all the great info, and now I'm even more excited to go out and get started!

Darrin Scott

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Explosive! This training touched base on all the things that I wondered about building wealth and needed to understand.

Venus Amos

Detroit, Michigan

I am so thankful to FINALLY get started on building financial freedom. You have given me the confidence that I can do it, and I truly appreciate the wealth of information and experience that is made available here.

Ben Vanderhoff

Greenwood, Indiana

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