Real Estate Wholesaling 101
Real Estate Wholesaling 101

A Powerful 14-Part Online Course from Shawn Tiberio, Founder of House-to-Home Properties

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A Powerful 14-Part Online Course from Shawn Tiberio, Founder of House-to-Home Properties


Shawn Tiberio

Founder of House-to-Home Properties

Shawn is a very successful Ohio real estate investor and contractor, with a focus on larger scale renovations, commercial apartment buildings and rental portfolio management. Shawn is the founder of House to Home Properties, LLC as well as Rust Belt Rentals, LLC — Ohio's leading property management and real estate investment company. Shawn spent 10 years serving our nation in the United States Marine Corps. Shawn attributes his success in business and life to dedication, education and coaching.

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About This Course

How to Get Started as A Real Estate Investor

Thinking of getting into real estate but you’re not sure where to start?

“Wholesaling” just may be your answer.

Real estate wholesaling is often considered the best strategy for new investors because:

  • It’s relatively fast. A typical wholesale deal takes just 30 to 60 days, start-to-finish.
  • It’s relatively safe. As long as you do things the right way, you’re largely protected from risk.
  • You don’t need much money (if any). With wholesaling, there are no loans, no repair costs . . . none of the typical expenses that come with “flipping houses.”
  • It’s fun & easy to learn. With this simple video course, you can master the core concepts in a single evening and be well on your way!

What makes wholesaling so simple is that you’re not buying a property. You're only contracting on it . . . and then you’re simply flipping the contract.  

It’s a pretty straightforward process – and the paydays can be life-changing.

But the thing is . . .

There’s an old, risky, potentially illegal way to wholesale properties . . . and then there’s a newer, smarter, safer way to wholesale properties . . .

And that’s the way you’re about to discover (step-by-step) in this powerful online course.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in This Course



Welcome to Real Estate Wholesaling 101! Meet your trainer Shawn Tiberio, expert real estate investor and founder of House-to-Home Properties and Rust Belt Rentals.



What makes a successful wholesale real estate deal? Learn the 9 steps to creating a profitable, repeatable  wholesaling system. An exciting introduction for new investors – and some great new tips for experienced ones!


Finding Deals

Discover 5 little-known methods for locating "hidden value" real estate deals in your neighborhood . . . without ever talking to an agent.

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Evaluating Leads

Learn the tried and true 3-step process for gathering lead information, calculating the value of a property, and determining whether there’s money to be made or not.


Exit Strategy

You'll master "The Assignment”, "The Double-Close", and "The Pre-Hab" . . . and you'll know exactly when to use each of these 3 wholesale exit strategies!


Presenting Offers

Learn the proven formula for calculating the maximum amount you should offer on a property . . . and how to present an irresistible offer that’s well below that amount.


Financing the Deal

Discover these 5 sources of “other people's money” you can use to invest in real estate (if you ever need it).


Meet & Negotiate with The Seller

Learn how to build rapport, drill into a seller’s true motivation, position yourself as the expert (even if you’re brand new to real estate) and negotiate true win-win deals.



Learn how to pre-screen buyers and get a wholesale deal sold quickly for maximum profit.


Multiple Marketing Strategies

Learn how to pre-screen your leads to market to quality buyers so that you don’t just find properties – you sell properties!


Market to Your List

Every buyer is different. Discover some tactics for understanding your buyer, building trust, and meeting their wants and needs.


Closing Process

Go through the 11-step closing process checklist. Learn exactly who & what you’ll need in your corner in order to close a smooth, air-tight deal.


Being Creative

No deal is the same. Learn to think outside of the box and be creative with your sellers and their needs.


Benefits to Wholesaling

Put everything you learned into action! Discover the 6 major benefits to wholesaling so that you can fire your boss and start taking more control of your financial future.

Real Estate Wholesaling 101

15 Exercise Files Included

  • 23 Seller Motivational Factors
  • Affidavit and Memorandum of Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Analyzing Deals
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Buyer Credibility Packet
  • Buying Appointment Checklist
  • Closing Preparation Checklist – Selling
  • Exit Strategies as Investors
  • Master Contact List for Your Team
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • ... and 5 more

Watch On-Demand

Learn at your desk, in the gym, or on-the-go with our innovative online classroom.

58 Minute Watch Time

Broken into 14 bite-sized video modules for even the busiest of schedules.

Life-Changing Takeaways

The course is packed with hacks, tips, & takeaways that can impact your life immediately!


This training is everything I hoped it would be. It confirmed and added more detail to what I had already learned about building wealth. Thanks for all the great info, and now I'm even more excited to go out and get started!

Darrin Scott

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Explosive! This training touched base on all the things that I wondered about building wealth and needed to understand.

Venus Amos

Detroit, Michigan

I am so thankful to FINALLY get started on building financial freedom. You have given me the confidence that I can do it, and I truly appreciate the wealth of information and experience that is made available here.

Ben Vanderhoff

Greenwood, Indiana

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