Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business
Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business

A Powerful 4-Part Online Course from Than Merrill, Founder & CEO of FortuneBuilders

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A Powerful 4-Part Online Course from Than Merrill, Founder & CEO of FortuneBuilders


Than Merrill

Founder & CEO of FortuneBuilders

Founder & CEO of FortuneBuilders and CT Homes, Than is one of the most successful real estate investors in the nation. He has bought and sold hundreds of properties nationwide during his investing career and he founded FortuneBuilders with the simple idea of sharing his knowledge and passion for real estate with aspiring investors. As a graduate of Yale University and a former NFL player, Than attributes his success in sports, business and investing to coaching, education and systems.

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About This Course

How to Flip Houses & Buy Rental Properties for a Living

Whether you’re just starting out as a real estate investor, or you’ve been flipping houses for years . . .

You probably know that there’s a lot to learn! There are a ton of moving pieces.

Real estate is one of the best asset classes & industries in the world  — it’s produced more millionaires than any other type of investment — but it’s not without risk.  When you’re dealing with houses, just one mistake can cost you several thousand dollars and set you back months of your hard-earned time.

In this powerful course, you’ll learn how to strategically minimize that risk and maximize your potential upside as a real estate investor.  You’ll establish a strong foundation that allows you to get out there and take real steps toward your first (or next!) successful deal.

More specifically, you’ll learn . . .

  • The mindset & mental approach of a multi-millionaire real estate investor
  • How to leverage other people’s money to invest in real estate  — this is where you unlock massive growth potential!
  • The 7-step process (tested over 500+ successful investment deals!) for successfully buying, fixing, and flipping an investment property
  • The one missing piece that will make or break you in real estate, more than anything else

The #1 thing that sabotages new real estate investors is getting overwhelmed by the whole process.  We created this course to make starting your own real estate investing business as simple and clear cut as possible.

Let’s get started!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in This Course


Wealth Mindset & Systems-Think

What do the wealthiest, MOST successful people in the world do that everybody else doesn’t? Learn the secret to creating simple systems in your life and business that set you up for massive growth and lasting success.


How To Invest With Other People’s Money

Discover the exact process Than has used to line up millions & millions of dollars of “private money” that he uses to invest in real estate.


The 7 Step House Flipping Process

Rehab and flip properties successfully. Discover our 7 step system for rehabbing properties without you having to be on the job site all the time. By implementing systems like this in your business it can have a dramatic and positive difference on your business and life.


The Missing Piece In Your Wealth Puzzle

There’s something missing! Learn the 4 key pillars of becoming a successful real estate investor  — and the one that will make or break you more than anything else.  Must-watch advice for both new & experienced real estate investors!

Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business

5 Exercise Files Included

  • 12 Commandments of Wealthy Thinking
  • Business Partner Evaluation System
  • Money Resource Guide
  • Negotiation Playbook
  • Real Estate Investor Vocabulary

Watch On-Demand

Learn at your desk, in the gym, or on-the-go with our innovative online classroom.

119 Minute Watch Time

Broken into 4 bite-sized video modules for even the busiest of schedules.

Life-Changing Takeaways

The course is packed with hacks, tips, & takeaways that can impact your life immediately!


This training is everything I hoped it would be. It confirmed and added more detail to what I had already learned about building wealth. Thanks for all the great info, and now I'm even more excited to go out and get started!

Darrin Scott

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Explosive! This training touched base on all the things that I wondered about building wealth and needed to understand.

Venus Amos

Detroit, Michigan

I am so thankful to FINALLY get started on building financial freedom. You have given me the confidence that I can do it, and I truly appreciate the wealth of information and experience that is made available here.

Ben Vanderhoff

Greenwood, Indiana

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