Subject-To Real Estate

The Mortgage Takeover Method for Investing in Cashflow Properties


10 Video Modules


38 Minutes



About This Course

Don’t let subject-to financing scare you or intimidate you anymore. Subject-to is a great solution to many situations dealing with distressed sellers and allows you to purchase a property with $0 DOWN! It’s a strategy that will benefit both the seller AND the buyer – a “win-win.” Become informed and educated about this AMAZING opportunity and alternative financing solution, so that you can start using it to your advantage in your next real estate deal.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to purchase real estate with NO MONEY DOWN
  • Everything there is to know about subject-to financing, including what it is, why to use it, how to use it, and when to use it
  • How to ease the concerns that homeowners might have about subject-to financing
  • The nitty-gritty details of contracts and legality of this financing solution, so that you can keep you and your money protected
  • How to make sure this deal is in YOUR favor

Angela Gregg

Founder & CEO of Sturdy Foundations, Inc

Angela, along with her husband, Mike Gregg, buys, holds, builds and sells properties nationwide and internationally. She is the founder and CEO of Sturdy Foundations, Inc, a real estate investing, construction and solutions company located in Honolulu, Hawaii. As a HRM graduate (MS) of the University of Maryland and a Military Veteran of the United States Air Force (over 20 years), Angela has had the opportunity to invest both nationwide and internationally and knows the challenges and importance of organization when building a real estate business and working full time. Angela attributes her success in business and investing to focusing on people first, perfecting the process, coaching and education.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in This Course

  1. Introduction

    Angela Gregg, founder of Sturdy Foundations, Inc., reveals her “no money, no problem” subject-to system.

  2. Overview

    A sneak peek into what this course covers, ranging from when to use the system to the pros and cons of subject-to financing.

  3. What is Subject-To

    This section teaches you exactly what subject-to is, answering all of your questions and easing all of your doubts.

  4. When to Offer Subject-To

    Find out when you should use subject-to, providing everyone a “win-win” solution.

  5. How to Present the Subject-To

    Discover how you can offer the subject-to option in a way that allows the seller to feel confident and taken care of.

  6. Answer Homeowner Concerns

    Soak in these tips that show you how to respond to common questions presented by homeowners.

  7. Creating the Contract

    Critical information you need to know when drafting up a subject-to contract.

  8. Making Payments

    Let’s talk money. Take this advice on how to best set up payments and ways to protect yourself and your money.

  9. Ensure Profitable Deal for You

    Don’t go into this deal unless you are sure that it will make you money. Learn how to do that in this section.

  10. Final Thoughts

    Now that your questions on subject-to financing have been answered, you will be informed and confident approaching your next deal.

Downloadable Resources
Included With This Course
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Closing Preparation Checklist (Buyer)
  • Due on Sale Acknowledgment
  • Sample Closing Disclosure
  • Subject-To System

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