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COVID Economic Insight

With the financial impacts of Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect the health of individuals, the economy, investments, businesses of all sizes and more, many have burning questions about what the economic future holds. 

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Real Estate Note Investing

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, but you don’t want to be a landlord or flip houses, there is another investment option that boasts significant deal flow, low competition, and great pricing. These are the benefits of real estate notes. Even better, you don’t need a ton of money to get started!

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Finding Your First Real Estate Deal

Ammon has 15 years of investing experience with 10 years of in-the-trenches real estate. He also teaches beginners how to get started with confidence.

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Investing in Index Funds

“Index funds are the most no brainer investment alive,” Minesh says in this live talk. “They are a license to stay wealthy.”

Use A Rehab Loan To Affordably Renovate Your Home

Discover how to use a FHA 203(k) or a FannieMae HomeStyle loan to renovate your house at a price you can afford. Plus, learn the one type of loan you should avoid at all costs.

How To Use A Reverse Annuity Mortgage To Increase Your Retirement Income

Learn what a reverse annuity is, advantages, disadvantages, and eligibility requirements. Plus, learn additional ways to boost your income during retirement.

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Pandemic Foreclosure Investing

There are many questions swirling about the lasting economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. For real estate investors, one of those questions is how to invest in defaults, foreclosures, and properties with distressed sellers. More importantly, how can you do so the right and ethical way?

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More Passive Income in Real Estate

Learn why Paul Shively thinks residential real estate is a hedge against market turbulence.

Use a Real Estate Purchase Agreement to Buy Your Dream Home (Templates Included)

Discover what a real estate purchase agreement is, it’s components, and free templates to utilize so that you can protect your money when buying a home.

How to Buy a House with Little to No Money Down

Find out how to buy a house with no money down, along with programs that allow you to purchase a home with as little as a down payment of 3%. Plus, find out why a 20% downpayment is a myth and not a requirement.

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Creative Real Estate Investing 101

Has a lack of money kept you from investing in real estate? If so, you’re not alone. Angela Gregg had the same thought. But then she decided to educate herself on creative ways to invest. After finding a form of financing called a “Subject To”, she utilized her education and made a whopping $205,000 on her first deal — while investing none of her own money.

Mobile Home Investing: 6 Ways to Get Wealthy Investing in Mobile Homes

Learn the advantages of mobile home investing, such as a low barrier of entry, low renovation costs, and less competition. Plus, find out how to generate mobile home investing leads.

How to Buy a House Without a Realtor

Follow this 8-step process to buy your dream home while avoiding paying hefty fees to a realtor. Also, learn how to find the right real estate attorney and the best inspectors.

What Is “Subject To” Real Estate Investing?

Learn how to cheaply and creatively invest in real estate by buying a property and taking over it’s existing mortgage.

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Rebounding From A Near Death Experience, Bankruptcy & The Crash

In this jam-packed talk, Dustin is joined by real estate investor and tech entrepreneur, Steve Jackson. Listen in and hear the "close calls" that finally led to the dream of having a portfolio of passive income-generating properties.

8 Proven Ways to Get Real Estate Investing Leads

Learn 8 different ways to find real estate investing leads — both online and in-person.

How Many Mortgages Can You Have?

Learn how many mortgages you can have — and how to get them — to fund your next real estate investment.

Your Guide To Rental Property Depreciation

Learn everything you need to know about rental property depreciation — what it is, how to calculate it, and how to deduct it on your taxes.

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Selling Knives, Developing Real Estate & Producing Movies

Craig P. Stone has done it all. From sales to producing movies, he's learned that anything is possible with the right mindset.

The Simple Guide To REITs: How To Invest In Real Estate With Less Risk & Regular Returns

Thinking about investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)? Learn what they are, how they work, and how to pick the best one for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Wholesaling Real Estate: How To Flip A Property Without Actually Buying It

Learn how wholesaling real estate is a great way to flip a property without actually buying it — just follow our 7-step guide.

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House Hacking

How to hack the housing market with John Hagen. Learn how to buy houses and have tenants pay your mortgage.

"How Much Money Do I Need To Invest in Real Estate?"

How much money do you need to invest in real estate? It's probably less than you think! In this article, we break down the expenses — the purchase price, the down payment, repairs and maintenance, and reserves — so that you can have a better idea of how much you’ll need to begin investing.

Creative Real Estate Investing Showcase
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Private Lending Showcase
Real Estate Fix & Flip Showcase
Real Estate Wholesale Showcase
Facebook Live Marketing
Start a Real Estate Investing Business
Fearless on the Phone
The 7-Figure Landlord
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Airbnb for Real Estate Investors

How to start a short-term rental business. Learn how to find properties, legal frameworks, and project management tips to keep profits up.

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Finding Your Real Estate Niche

Frank McKinney shares how he went from from small town troublemaker to real estate rockstar using the power of “the healthy ego.”

5 Things to Look for When Shopping for a Rental Property

If you're shopping for a rental property, now’s not the time for mistakes. Know what to look for to make sure you invest in the right place.

5 Ways To Invest in Real Estate With No Money & Bad Credit

Bad credit is an obstacle to real estate investing, but not a big one. Learn 5 ways to invest in real estate with bad credit.

How To Use Leverage In Real Estate Investing

Learn how to use leveraging in real estate to make more investments, and more returns—for less money.

Don't Leave It to Chance: 5 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Buying an Investment Property

Investing in real estate is an exciting decision—but it should be a well-informed decision. Know what you're doing or you could be screwed.

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From Flipping Drinks To Flipping Houses

From bartender to real estate mogul. How Paul Esajian became a real estate investing titan and built three multi-million dollar companies.

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From the NFL to Elite Real Estate Investor

Be a prodigy in your industry. Than Merrill (NFL player turned real estate titan) explains how education is the key to building an empire.

How to Make Money Using the 5 Profit Centers of Rental Properties

Want to invest in real estate? Here are the 5 biggest things you need to consider before investing in property.

Real Estate Investing: A Step-by-Step Path to Early Retirement

How much passive income do you need per month to retire and live the life of your dreams? Learn how real estate investing can get you there fast.

7 Ways to Invest in Real Estate With Little Money

Any cash you put in a real estate investment is cash you can’t use elsewhere. Here are 7 ideas to get that upfront cash as low as possible.

How To Find the Best Real Estate Investment Deals in Your Local Area

All real estate investors begin by finding the best deals on the block. Use these strategies to find the deals others don’t see.

The Beginner's Guide To Part-Time (or Full-Time) Real Estate Investing in 2021

This real estate investing for beginner’s guide explains why real estate has serious advantages over stocks, bonds, gold, and CDs. Also, learn the top 5 reasons to become a real estate investor and begin investing in real estate in 2021.

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