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Investing in Index Funds

“Index funds are the most no brainer investment alive,” Minesh says in this live talk. “They are a license to stay wealthy.”

live talk
Pandemic Stock Investing

In the midst of the economic outfall from the COVID-19 pandemic, many investors are wondering whether to buy, sell, or hold their current stock position, along with many other burning investing questions. Andy Tanner, the founder of the Cash Flow Academy and Rich Dad's Advisor on Paper Assets, explains that what sets apart those who will come out ahead versus those who lose money at a time like this boils down to one question: “do you want advice or do you want to get smarter?”

How to Quickly Calculate Market Cap to Find the Value of Any Business

Learn how to calculate market capitalization, why it’s important for your investing strategy, and how to build a stock portfolio that balances risk and return.

Everything You Need To Know About IPOs

Learn what an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is, how they work, where to find them, and when it’s a good idea to invest in one.

How To Perform A Security Risk Analysis

Discover how to perform a security risk analysis. Learn step-by-step methods to analyze the systematic & unsystematic risk of any security.

Stock Sectors: The Secret To Balancing Risk & Return In The Stock Market

Learn how to use stock sectors to reduce risk, improve returns, and balance your stock portfolio.

Stock Market Investing Strategies: Which One Is Right For You?

Learn the 3 questions to help you choose what stock market investing strategy is right for you.

How To Balance Your Portfolio — Using Businesses, Commodities, Paper Assets, & Real Estate

Learn what a WealthFit balanced portfolio is and how to balance yours with businesses, paper, commodities, and real estate

Before You Invest
Cashflow the Stock Market
Stock Investing 101
Invest Like Warren
How To Read a 10K Report & Start Picking Better Stocks

Learn to read and understand any company’s 10-K report to accurately gauge the company’s health and make an informed investment decision.

The 5 Most Consistent Stocks of the Last 50 Years

The most consistent blue chip stocks all managed to pay and increase dividends for 50 years straight or more.

How To Read a Stock in 60 Seconds

Do you wish you could pick up a stock sheet and understand all of it? Learn how to read a stock like a pro and speak the language of seasoned stock investors.

Don’t Work for Money, Make Money Work for You: Get an Investor Education

Your 401(k) is doing nothing for you. Learn how to become an investor and start saving in a way that will ACTUALLY benefit you.

From Zero to Hero: Get a Financial Education & Start Investing Right

You don’t have money—yet. Learn how to begin businesses, invest in real estate, and make your start in the stock market from scratch.

Don’t Just Have Investments–Be an Investor

A lack of education has led many people to become totally dependent on outside advisors to take care of their money. But no one cares about your money like you do. You can learn how to become an investor. Here’s how.

The Beginner's Guide to Successful Stock Investing

A stock is simply a piece of ownership in a company. But the stock market is a complex environment.