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  • 10 Craigslist ad templates that have been tested & proven to attract motivated sellers in all 50 states

  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up a Craigslist account, posting ads (for free), and tapping into the world’s biggest classified ad website (with over 60 million users)

  • Guidelines for how & when to post your ads for maximum response

  • … plus 11 other ad hacks that allow you to post similar ads every day (and avoid having them “ghosted”)

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Truly Life-Changing

WealthFit has been truly life-changing for my family. The tools are so thorough and helpful.

Sandra Brown
Sandra BrownWealthFit Member • Tucson, AZ

Tremendous Value

WealthFit’s tools and resources are of tremendous value. This program has been the cornerstone of my success.

Mark McCuller
Mark McCullerWealthFit Member • Detroit, MI

Thank You!

The tools that you provide have made starting my business so much easier. Thank you!

Kameshia Graham
Kameshia GrahamWealthFit Member • Philadelphia, PA

Everything You Need

WealthFit has all the tools and strategies you need in order to boost your finances.

Peggy Streater
Peggy StreaterWealthFit Member • Kingston, NY

Highly Recommended

WealthFit is a great community! It's full of people who want to grow and see their lives improved. I highly recommend it!

Aaron Compton
Aaron ComptonWealthFit Member • Jacksonville, FL

Best Decision I've Ever Made

WealthFit has so many great classes and all the tools you need to succeed. Signing up was the best decision I've ever made.

Tammy Eller
Tammy EllerWealthFit Member • Honolulu, HI

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