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The Cashflow Real Estate Investor’s Essential Contract Pack

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  • The “Deal Analyzer” spreadsheet that quickly estimates your profits, so you can decide if a rental property is right for you!

  • A “Rental Reference Questionnaire” that you can use to pre-screen people and avoid “problem” tenants

  • 10 practical tips for welcoming new tenants, and ensuring all parties are covered

  • Plus, much more… including a customizable Lease template, a New Tenant Checklist, and a simple “automation” trick for making rent collection fast and easy!

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    Used by Some of the Nation’s Most Successful Real Estate Investors

    Ellen Long

    COO of The BraveHeart Business

    Nicole Winston

    CPA Exam Review Coach

    Croix Sather

    World Record Ultra-Athlete

    Andy Proper, founder of WealthFit, smiling at the camera with palm trees in the distance

    Andy Proper

    Founder & CEO of WealthFit

    Angela Gregg

    Founder & CEO of Sturdy Foundations, Inc

    Croix Sather

    World Record Ultra-Athlete

    Didi Wong

    CEO of The Yes Academy

    Geoff Chadwick

    CMO of FortuneBuilders

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