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Download these “copy and paste” Craigslist ad templates to attract motivated sellers who want to sell their houses at deep discounts.

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  • The Ultimate Deal Analysis Worksheet, with built-in formulas that calculate your key numbers for you (saving you time, effort, and stress).

  • A snapshot of your estimated costs and Net Profit, so you can quickly decide whether or not to move forward.

  • Extra fields for different deal types and situations (wholesale deals, rehabs, etc).

  • A helpful “how to” guide that explains every term, field, and number in your Deal Analysis Worksheet.

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    Used by Some of the Nation’s Most Successful Real Estate Investors

    Andy Proper, founder of WealthFit, smiling at the camera with palm trees in the distance

    Andy Proper

    Founder & CEO of WealthFit

    Nicole Winston

    CPA Exam Review Coach

    Anthony Nardolillo

    Film Director

    Alex Schuck

    Co-Founder of North Shore Real Estate Solutions

    Ammon Brimhall

    Founder of Thrive Investment Corp

    Andy Tanner

    Rich Dad Stock Advisor

    Angela Gregg

    Founder & CEO of Sturdy Foundations, Inc

    Bob McIntosh

    Founder of Redhead Rehabs

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