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The Real Estate Wholesaler’s Essential Contract Pack

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Here's Exactly What You're Getting

  • The 2 essential contracts you need to wholesale houses, and simple rules for knowing when to use each

  • A “competition blocking” clause that prevents sellers from backing out of deals, or entertaining offers from other investors!

  • Ironclad legal language that will protect your assets, and give you the option of backing out of any deal

  • An “Inspection Period Hack” that gives you more time to find the right buyer (and get your maximum profit)!

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    Used by Some of the Nation’s Most Successful Real Estate Investors

    Than Merrill

    Founder & CEO of FortuneBuilders

    Kathy Schuck

    Co-Founder of North Shore Real Estate Solutions

    Paul Esajian

    Founder & CFO of FortuneBuilders

    Andy Proper, founder of WealthFit, smiling at the camera with palm trees in the distance

    Andy Proper

    Founder & CEO of WealthFit

    Ammon Brimhall

    Founder of Thrive Investment Corp

    Gregg Cohen

    Founding Partner of JWB Real Estate Capital

    Angela Gregg

    Founder & CEO of Sturdy Foundations, Inc

    Mark Kappelman & Steven Eshkenazi

    Co-Founders of Tri Homes Today

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