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How to Wholesale Legally
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Learn how to protect yourself when wholesaling houses, using this 8-point legal checklist.

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Here's Exactly What You're Getting

  • How to protect yourself from risk, and ensure you never get stuck with a house you don’t want.

  • The 2 types of wholesale closing strategies (assignment of contract and double-close) and how to protect yourself in each situation.

  • Our recommended minimum for your Earnest Money Deposit (a lower amount may raise a red flag with the seller).

  • How to get around a state specific “Double Close Policy” so you can do deals in all 50 states!

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    Used by Some of the Nation’s Most Successful Real Estate Investors

    Than Merrill

    Founder & CEO of FortuneBuilders

    Angela Gregg

    Founder of Sturdy Foundations, Inc

    Malhar Bhagat

    Founder of M2REST Real Estate Solutions

    Mary Anschutz

    Co-Founder of Spark Properties

    Ammon Brimhall

    Founder of Thrive Investment Corp

    Deslyn O’Dell

    Founder of Key2 Homes

    Bob McIntosh

    Founder of Redhead Rehabs

    Kathy Schuck

    Co-Founder of North Shore Real Estate Solutions

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