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Episode Notes

Life is all about pivoting from one thing to another. We are never the same person throughout our journey in this world. Adam Von Rothfelder knows that to be true. As a former MMA fighter turned one of America’s Top Ten Trainers and CEO of Strong Coffee Company, Adam has pivoted across multiple fields, finding silver linings in life’s tough moments. He shares that journey with us as he gets real about losing important people in his life and finding that courage to move on and continue to do better. Stepping out from that dark place, Adam has now successfully emerged at the top of his game, helping people with their health and lifestyle choices and learning how to strive to reach our natural greatness.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What made Adam move from being an MMA fighter to an entrepreneur (2:50)
  • What he learned from being one of America’s Top Ten Trainers (13:56)
  • How Strong Coffee Company came to be (26:41)
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