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Episode Notes

What does it take to be successful when it comes to investing? Whether you’re that person who still considers themselves green when it comes to a solid, financial education, or you’ve been investing for years with some decent wins along the way and many lessons learned, it’s always good to go back to the foundation. Andy Tanner is incredibly successful in terms of wealth, family, lifestyle, and creating the business of his dreams. A paper assets expert, successful business owner, and investor known for his ability to teach key techniques for stock options investing, Andy says that if you follow the traditions, you’ll get traditional result. He challenges the mindset around what it takes to become a steward of your own money versus passively letting other people do it.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • About his strengths as well as failures (09:48)
  • How he handles deals (14:27)
  • What does he mean by hourglass (15:35)
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