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Episode Notes

“The first four people you hire are going to make or break your success.” – Craig Stone

Everything is possible when we believe that we can achieve it. Proving himself to achieve anything is Craig P. Stone – entrepreneur, producer, and coach as he talks about his journey across different industries after leaving Wall Street as an investment banker. He takes us to the time he was selling knives and other fine cutlery up until producing movies, doing real estate investing, and a whole lot more. For Craig, having a strong mindset to pursue our passion and believing we can accomplish anything are the keys to attain any goal we want. Furthermore, he also talks about the lesson of humility that we can learn from failure while teaching us to be brave and go out and try things we never thought possible.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Why Craig has gotten himself into many different industries (3:22)
  • What’s important to know or understand when you’re about to start a business (13:10)
  • How Craig turned a failing business around (20:44)
  • Why Craig decided to mentor or coach others (28:01)
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