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Episode Notes

For most of us, success rarely arrives the first time around. We have to go through a couple of failures before anything gets good and much sweeter. Dan Lok – speaker, author, investor, educator, and founder of – is someone who knows this story too well. Moving from Hong Kong to Vancouver, dropping out of college, and failing in business over thirteen times, Dan takes us behind the scenes of his life and how he transformed and was able to unlock wealth and achieve success, all the while finding significance in it. He deep dives into what gets you to a certain level of success in your life and assessing whether it helps you or hinders you. Finally, Dan shares to us what he calls the Wealth Triangle Dynamics and how it can help transform your position whether you are in debt or some level of success.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How Dan kept moving towards success even after thirteen failed businesses (3:19)
  • How he went from understanding copywriting, marketing, and selling to writing his own book (16:27)
  • Dan’s Wealth Triangle Dynamics (29:59)
  • The story behind (38:07)
  • The lessons from Martial Arts that can be applied to closing saless (42:21)
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