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Episode Notes

When you hit rock bottom, the path to creating wealth can seem steep and dark. David Fabricius is someone who managed to see the light from the darkness. Having once been homeless, he joined the military and eventually became a world-renowned speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and a best-selling author. David reveals how you can change things on a dime and works to inspire people in various stages of their journey towards true wealth. He shares his top strategies and ideas for lighting up the path to wealth. He also recounts his own travels and experiences sharing the same stage with big shots like Robert Kiyosaki and interviewing A-list celebrities. Finally, he gives insight and advice on finding your passion, staying innovative, and curating a warrior mindset.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • David’s journey from being homeless and joining the military (03:20)
  • How to simplify wealth creation (18:32)
  • How David grew his business 6,763.94% (25:10)
  • The warrior mindset (32:37)
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