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Episode Notes

Your mindset has a tremendous impact on the quality of life. Derrick Tatum is a mindset conniseur, training the next generation of elite athletes as the CEO of Elite Talent Sports, LLC. Derrick shares his journey from the NFL to building his own business as a coach, defying odds and motivating kids to become the best they can be — not only in football, but in school, business, and in life. Derrick clues us in on how we can perform, reach our dreams, and achieve success by improving what’s in our minds.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How Derrick defied the odds across his life as a football player(05:12);
  • The critical things to achieve success(11:32);
  • His experiences on the NFL with the Titans and the Seahawks(15:17); and
  • Why he started the Elite Talent Football(21:15);
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