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Episode Notes

We always hear the old adage about how we’re only using a small percentage of our brain. The key here is to unlock that bigger part, and Dr. Srini Pillay gives an unlikely and contrarian point of view on how to do that by using your unfocused mind. Against the popular belief of working your mind to be focused, he says that there is actually a way to be more productive while slacking. He talks about the power of the unfocused mind, sharing the brain science behind it and tapping into the super-taskers and multitasking. While focus is great, there are five distinct advantages that we need to be aware of. He provides those and gives some techniques on how to overcome it – from taking advantage of the time we spend daydreaming to meditation, mastering disappointments, taking action, and more. Dr. Srini Pillay is an author, psychiatrist, coach, and a brain researcher; and he urges us to ultimately live life according to who we are.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How we’re not using the brain effectively (08:37)
  • Why multitasking is not helpful (11:18)
  • What it was like growing up with a father like Warren Buffett (18:56)
  • About the mnemonic CIRCA to manage your anxiety or help somebody else manage their anxiety (26:23)
  • How fear of failure and fear of success both play a significant role in what we’re doing (31:59)
  • What the Selfish Goal Theory is and how it applies to creating wealth (41:27)
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