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Episode Notes

Dustin Mathews takes his turn in the hot seat as he shares his own take on entrepreneurship. As a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and Chief Wealth Evangelist for WealthFit, he provides a fascinating account of the path that led him to where he is now—recounting the people and experiences that inspired him. He takes us back in time to when he was into Rastafarianism, football, and selling used items on eBay. He shares his journey and gives us some great insight on how you can discern whether you’re in a “dip” or ready to quit, and then and how you can move on from your current business (even if you’re the one who started it). He also offers invaluable tips for public speaking, presentationing, marketing, and building mutually beneficial business relationships.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Dustin to become an entrepreneur (07:07)
  • How he got into public speaking (24:51)
  • Why he quit the company he founded (34:13)
  • How he became the Chief Wealth Evangelist at WealthFit (38:49)

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