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Welcome To Get WealthFit! Helping You Find The True Meaning Of Wealth

When I say the word wealth, what do you think of? For a lot of people, their minds go straight to money and the things that money can buy. It's a lot more than that. We here at WealthFit want to help you achieve new levels of wealth.

For some of you, it may be to manage your money better, perhaps get out of debt. Maybe you'd like to expand your means via side hustle or finally launching that business you've always wanted to. Whatever your desire, we're here to give you insights, mindsets and specific actions from successful investors, entrepreneurs and athletes who have achieved wealth in their lives.

My name is Dustin Mathews. I'll be your host as we explore what it means to create wealth in your life here on the Get WealthFit! Show.

When we say the word wealth, we're not just talking about money, we're also talking about time. We're talking about influence in the lives of the people you care about the most.

Wealthy people, those who have a lot of money, time and influence didn't get there taking the same path as everyone else. They thought differently. They made bold, unusual moves and that's why they've accomplished what so few people accomplish. We believe if you want to create a life of wealth, then you need to transform yourself into someone who's capable of producing that wealth.

You need to transform yourself into someone who's capable of producing that wealth. That transformation can only happen through education.

If you're humble enough to say, "I don't know it all. I could stand to learn a few things." If money ever causes you stress or you feel like you're in need of a little breakthrough, you are exactly who the Get WealthFit! Show is for.

Most of our parents, most schools and even most financial experts do a pretty lousy job teaching us about money. Let's not blame our parents, they did the best they could. Let's not blame our schools. We can't expect a teacher who's making $50,000 or $60,000 a year to be able to show us how to make $1 million a year. It's unrealistic. Most of us are kicked into the real world right after high school or college and we're left to figure out life, money, our careers and business all on our own through some pretty painful trial and error. Most people sadly go years, decades, even their whole lives without even experiencing a financial breakthrough that they so desperately want. We don't want that to be you.

We've created a movement that's already helping thousands and thousands of people gain clarity about what it takes to get out of debt, make more money and propel themselves towards real, lasting wealth for themselves and their families. We want to do the same for you. It all starts right now for you. If you can't tell, I'm especially fired up to start this journey with you. I have to give you a sneak peek of some of the all-star guests that share our vision here at Get Wealth Fit. They all bring unique invaluable insights to the table.

Shannon Miller, a seven-time Olympic medalist, a cancer survivor, an empire builder and an inspiration to all of us.

Jesse Itzler, a billionaire rapper, Founder of a private jet company, Marquis Jet which was sold to Warren Buffett and NetJets. He was a partner in ZICO Coconut Water that was sold to Coca-Cola. 

Rob O'Neill, a former SEAL whose missions include the rescue of Captain Phillips from Somali pirates, captive soldier, Marcus Luttrell, from the Taliban deep in Afghanistan and the mission where he fired three shots that took down world enemy number one, Osama bin Laden.

We've got Jean Chatzky, who's the financial editor of NBC’s Today Show for years. She’s an award-winning personal finance journalist and a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. It doesn't stop there.

We've got Dave Meltzer. He's the former CEO of Leigh Steinberg's agency. He's the guy they modeled Jerry Maguire after. Dave has had his hand in over $2 billion in contracts and negotiation. He’s current business partners with Warren Moon at Sports 1 Marketing.

We've got Jeff Salzenstein who was a former top 100 tennis player in the world. He takes us into his episode to that Friday night opening match on Labor Day weekend at the US Open where he took on Michael Chang. 

We even have Tony Nardolillo. He's the scrapper, writer, producer and director for years who went through an epic journey that finally led to the release of Shine that's in 600 theaters nationwide.

We've got Croix Sather. He's the marathon man. He ran across America, a hundred marathons in a hundred days, giving a motivational talk every day. If that weren't enough, he also holds a world record running through Death Valley, one of the hottest places on Earth.

We've got Than Merrill, a former NFL football player, television personality, real estate investor and educator and Founder of FortuneBuilders. He’s a three-time winner of the coveted Inc. 500 fastest private growing companies in America.

We've got Andy Proper. He's the guy who started scale and sold three technologies that have produced over $38 million in combined sales. He's an avid investor whose portfolio includes real estate, oil and gas, green energy, private real estate lending, online startups and even restaurants. He's the guy responsible for this show, WealthFit, and making unconventional financial education accessible to everyone.

Friends, that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you like hot topics, I want to make sure that you look for these episodes in the lineup.

We've got Matt Wallace who teaches us how to cashflow gold, diamonds and silver. This was an amazing episode that you're going to want to tune into because most people think you’ve got to sit on this and hope that the value goes up. Matt shows us how we can cashflow these things. We've also got real-world tactical advice from my friends who are still in their jobs who want to increase their salary.

Marcus Garrett and Rich Jones teach us how to increase your salary by 400%. If you've ever thought about dabbling in cryptocurrency but you're thinking, “It is so crazy. What do we do?”

Kim Snider does an episode with us where she talks about cryptocurrency as a retirement vehicle - how to bring sanity to this seemingly insane new investment that's out there.

Friends, we've got a lot more and I could go on and on but I want you to get into the show. Go check out the show, two or three or more. I'm okay with that. If you enjoy them as much as we do here at WealthFit, be sure to subscribe. Once you do, you'll be notified when the new next episode is released. You never know who will be on the Get WealthFit! Show. If you feel that the show is worthy of a review, we would be honored with your review and that will help us spread the word. If you know this will benefit the show or a particular episode will benefit someone you care about, I want you to pay it forward, which by the way is a wealth principle and share it with them.

The journey is just beginning. Are you ready?