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Episode Notes

We are conditioned to think of the word “wealth” as money and the things it can buy. Wealth is actually beyond that, and unless you realize that, you won’t find true success and fulfillment. Welcome to WealthFit, where you can achieve new levels of wealth — from managing your money better and expanding your business to learning insights and specific actions from successful investors, entrepreneurs, athletes and others who have achieved the true meaning of wealth in their lives. Transform yourself into someone who’s capable of producing that wealth. Join us and create a life of true wealth.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How to achieve new levels of wealth (00:50)
  • A sneak peek of some of the all-star guests that share our vision here at Get WealthFit (03:26)
  • How to cashflow gold, diamonds and silver (06:30)
  • Ways you can increase your salary by 400% (06:47)
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