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Episode Notes

“If it didn’t move the needle, it didn’t work.” That is Geoff Chadwick’s philosophy on measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. As the CMO of FortuneBuilders, the country’s premier real estate investment education company, Geoff oversees the development of the company’s marketing campaigns, media buying strategy and implementation, brand development and management, and software development. His “Did it move the needle?” philosophy is how FortuneBuilders – which runs thousands of online TV and Radio direct response ads every year – measures its success. Geoff joined FortuneBuilders with sixteen years of software development under his belt, as well as extensive enterprise solutions experience. He has also worked as a high-level consultant with blue chip clients including Nabisco,,, and Best Buy. He has received numerous industry honors and recognition, including being a member of Emerging Technologies Panel and being featured on CNBC’s Technology Weekend Review and on Wall Street Journal.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The thing that pushed Geoff to the edge to say, “The ship has sunk.” (10:14)
  • What the consulting world has taught Geoff (12:40)
  • What excited Geoff about marketing (14:47)
  • How Geoff avoided bankruptcy (24:36)
  • What attracted Geoff to get behind FortuneBuilders (39:15)
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