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Episode Notes

Andy Proper, CEO and founder of WealthFit, joins us on this episode for a big 2019 kickoff. Andy and Dustin are excited to announce the launch of the new WealthFit website on January 23rd – and share the latest features and resources you can find on the site! They also talk about kicking off a brand new WealthFit movement, as Andy defines what wealth REALLY is and shares their vision for the new website and the financial problems they’re working to solve for anyone listening in. Join Dustin and Andy as they share their financial and entrepreneurial tips for success. Finally, tune in to find out how you can win their $10,000 giveaway.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What exactly is wealth (08:08)
  • Andy’s vision for the new website and the problem they’re solving for everyone listening to the show (11:30)
  • What to expect and how people can get started with WealthFit (29:18)
  • The difference between WealthFit versus other online learning platforms (35:52)
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