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Episode Notes

If there is one book that every successful person recommends, it would be Think & Grow Rich. James Whittaker is someone who can attest to how valuable Napoleon Hill’s book is for entrepreneurs, and he continued its excellence through his book and film, Think & Grow Rich: The Legacy. He avidly mentions the modern day icons that were featured in his book and how the pitching happened. On a side note, he shares how he got into personal finance and how to battle anxiety and effectively respond to failure.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How to deal with anxiety (04:35) 
  • Why James took the big leap to leave Australia for the US (12:44) 
  • If getting an MBA is important to be successful (16:25) 
  • The modern day icons featured in Think & Grow Rich: The Legacy (29:01)
  • How to respond to failure (34:27) 
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