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With technology changing the way we consume media, more and more people are now flocking to streaming services and opt for cable-cutting. However, there is a science to it that one must understand before diving in deep. Jeremy Edmonds of Cable Cutting Academy helps us figure it all out by talking about why there are so many options coming out and how to be mindful of the streaming services you’re subscribing. He gives some hacks that you can do when investing in those. Starting it off on a personal note, he shares how he and his family managed to be debt-free. As a financial coach, he gets down to what differentiates him from a financial adviser and teaches people how to get the key people in their team.

Cable Cutting Academy: The Step-by-Step Plan to Save Money and Watch What You Want Even If You’re Not Tech Savvy
Strength In Numbers
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In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Some advice on how couples can start to have money conversations (15:12)
  • Soundbite hacks on how you can instantly save money (17:13)
  • What the cable-cutting movement is all about and how you can benefit from it (22:24)
  • The top questions you should be asking your financial planner (33:49)
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