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Episode Notes

“I’m not into five year plans, I’m into NOW plans.” – Jesse Itzler

The outcomes of our lives in the future say so much about our past. When you find yourself standing at the end, will you be able to look back and be happy? Will you be satisfied with what you did and what you accomplished? Rapper turned entrepreneur, author, co-founder of Marquis Jets, and owner of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, Jesse Itzler talks about how to reach that level of accomplishment and satisfaction. Learn how he has created what he calls a “life resume” and how he values time, which will help you make room for the things that truly move your life’s needle. Jesse also discusses cold calling and creating better and authentic relationships through the aggravation versus reward formula. Along the way, he also gives great insights into routines and ruts, providing motivation to step out of your comfort zone.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How he has been able to create what he calls a “life resume” (12:40)
  • What is the aggravation versus reward formula (20:15)
  • Great insights into routines and ruts and stepping out of your comfort zone (25:24)
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