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Episode Notes

“If you are not pushing the envelope, [prettty soon] you’re going to not be relevant.” – Jill Wolforth

Other than turning your own dream to reality, nothing is more rewarding than helping children build their dreams and hopes. Jill Wolforth, softball pitching instructor and Director of Ranch Marketing and Promotions, and Ron Wolforth, founder and CEO of Pitching Central and Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch, share how they pitched their way to success and, most importantly, how they have played a large part in giving every child who comes to them a taste of the MLB dream. Just like anyone’s journey to success, Ron and Jill’s path has not been easy. They share how they learned to grow from their failure. They say the magic comes when you learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable because it’s only by pushing yourself to somewhere you have never been before that will take you to the success you’re aiming for.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Ron and Jill’s vision when they first started the Ranch (3:39)
  • What Ron and Jill struggled with as entrepreneurs when they first launched the Ranch down in Texas (9:07)
  • The story of the evolution of Ron and Jill’s business over the last twenty years from being a local business to an international one (13:08)
  • The most surprising part about running the Ranch (17:49)
  • Ron and Jill’s advice for parents who want their kids to go to MLB (44:00)
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