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Episode Notes

President of Baja United Group, Jim Riley talks about his journey in maneuvering through opportunities and finding out a way to just say yes or knowing when to say no. It has always been a dilemma among business people to constantly follow other people, accepting almost any invitation. But Jim shows how there is a fine line between truly knowing what your goals are and that saying no could also help you continue on that path to reach them. He talks about his own amazing story of being able to do what he does, importing wine and beer while still being able to do what he loves to do as a professional off road racer. He also offers advice about negotiating and putting deals, crowdfunding, and this strategy of visualization.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • When to say “yes” and “no” to opportunities (13:19)
  • How Jim started his venture with Azunia Tequila (17:02)
  • Some tips about negotiating and putting together deals (20:59)
  • Why would you want to crowdfund an idea or a business (33:14)

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