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Episode Notes

“There’s absolutely not one good thing about artificial sweeteners. They’re a science experiment that has gone wrong. They are the worst possible thing that you can [ingest].” – JJ Virgin

If our health isn’t in order, then we may not be able to enjoy the wealth that we’ve worked so hard for. JJ Virgin, author of the best-selling book Virgin Diet, imparts powerful and actionable advice while sharing how she came out after a health crisis with her son. In the podcast, JJ explains that sugar, the lack of human connection, and toxicity in our environment are stumbling blocks towards achieving a healthier life. She also offers tips on how to go natural, feel better fast, how to burn fat and what the real skinny on fruit is — is it nature’s candy or is it dangerous?

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The dangers associated with artificial sweeteners (11:07) 
  • Why social isolation and toxicity are health threats (13:30) 
  • Everything you need to know about burning fat (24:24) 
  • How to begin the process of going natural (31:38)
  • The skinny on fruit diets (35:21) 
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