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Episode Notes

No matter how hard we work to build our wealth, if our health isn’t in order, then all our efforts are just for naught. JJ Virgin, author of the best-selling Virgin Diet, imparts powerful health advice while sharing how she came out after a health crisis with her son. Moving on towards the threats to our health, JJ names sugar, the lack of human connection, and toxicity in our environment as stumbling blocks towards achieving a healthier life. She also offers tips to those who have been hustling on how to go natural and feel better fast, how to burn fat and what the real skinny on fruit is — is it nature’s candy or is it dangerous?

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • JJ’s stance on artificial sweeteners (11:07) 
  • Why social isolation and toxicity are health threats (13:30) 
  • Why and how we should burn fat (24:24) 
  • How to get started on going natural (31:38)
  • The skinny on fruit diets (35:21) 
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