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Episode Notes

One of the ultimate goals for most of us is to achieve financial independence: the ability to be able to cover expenses using the money you have tucked away in savings. Yet the path to financial independence can be a bumpy one. Jonathan Mendonsa from ChooseFI (Choose Financial Independence) talks about his journey from being broke to financially independent. He touches on travel hacks, grocery bill hacks, and other things that can reduce your expenses and let you live within your means. Jonathan also talks about building a mindset that will help you expand your means without replacing your income, as most financial advisors say you should do. Jonathan breaks down the seemingly rosy life of millionaires as he talks about the truth of stealth wealth millionaires.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The simple equation to financial independence (08:00)
  • Travel tips and hacks (23:14)
  • Easy and creative side hustles (27:27)
  • What Jonathan learned from the Stealth Wealth community (36:37)

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