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Episode Notes

Sometimes it can seem like there are no limits to what we want. Getting the things we desire most in the world more easily is something we’d all like to know how to do. Justin Faerman, international speaker and co-founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine and the Flow Consciousness Institute, teaches us how to get “in the flow” of creating wealth and how you CAN have it all without having to make the massive sacrifices that we’ve been told we’ll have to pay as the price for success. Justin shares how we can go deep into the most fundamental layer of consciousness and reshape our perception to open up an incredible field of possibilities for ourselves – ones we might have formerly believed impossible for us. He delivers this information and the science behind it to enlighten us and motivates us to take action and create the life we want.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What one does to get in the flow
  • Justin’s definition of what flow is
  • If one can be in flow 24/7 and be a contributing member of society
  • How to improve the outer flow
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