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Episode Notes

One of WealthFit’s founders and current VP of Operations & Finance, Justin McCormick shares the importance of having some skin in the game and not taking opportunities for granted. Justin talks about his life leading up to the creation of WealthFit — from making a $100,000 investment to growing that same investment six times. He speaks on the importance of finding the perfect co-founder and shares how he met his “business spouse,” the co-founder of WealthFit, Andy Proper. For prospective entrepreneurs and founders, McCormick gives advice on how you can get comfortable crunching numbers (an integral skill for any business). Justin also highlights how priceless education is and shares his personal journey of teaching people about finance beyond the traditional means. Finally, he shares his thoughts on investing and overcoming adversity.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How Andy got the tip of a lifetime and grew it six times more (2:40)
  • Why he started WealthFit (25:35)
  • His mind and workarounds on investing (30:40)
  • How to get the perfect credit score (37:56)
  • How to overcome adversities (52:00)
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