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Episode Notes

It’s the toughest battlefield on earth: 100+ degrees outside and you find yourself in a Humvee in South Central Ramadi, Iraq. Your intuition tells you to override your orders and lead your unit to the left instead of the right. Now you find yourself down a road staring at twenty armed insurgents, one pointing an RPG at you from twenty feet away. Kevin Armentrout tells this story of what exactly went through his mind in this situation. A United States Marine Corps combat veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star medal for valor, Kevin is an expert in small unit leadership. He specializes in providing personal and corporate leadership training. He has also made a lasting impact as a published author, personal development coach, and public speaker. Kevin shares his unique and systematic approach to mental conditioning that will build a relentless state of mind.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Kevin Armentrout as a Marine Corps combat (03:04)
  • Why he’s given the title as the bravest man in the battlefield (17:55)
  • How to achieve a relentless state of mind or relentless power (36:01)
  • Kevin’s morning ritual (50:02)
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