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Episode Notes

The world of cryptocurrency is one of the most elusive forms of generating money — it’s mysterious, unpredictable, and has been a headache for those interested in using it as a form of investment. There are also many others who are entirely skeptical of the industry. Kim Snider, an entrepreneur, options trader, investment advisor, financial engineer, author, speaker, and educator breaks down myths and explains everything you need to know about cryptocurrency. She shares her journey as a successful IPO of a company and delves into cryptocurrency investing. Along the way, she talks about how you can get VC-type or above-average returns without being an accredited investor. Tapping into soft skills, she discusses the difference between fear-based personality and greed-based personality and how it affects your way of investing.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Why Kim chose cryptocurrency (03:0)
  • Her advice if you’ll invest in cryptocurrency (06:48)
  • Common mistakes of people about Bitcoin (22:13)
  • Secret routines to success (32:32)
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