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Episode Notes

Many people say that wealth comes and goes, but that only goes for those who don’t take the measures to wealth preservation. We hear of the same stories every now and then about someone with great wealth who loses everything just after a lawsuit. United States Supreme Court Counselor Lee Phillips helps us understand how to build the foundation to preserve our wealth. He gets down into tax cuts and some new tax advantages that might affect you. He also discusses what you need to know about LLC or corporations while giving great advice on trusts and how we can leverage them in the right way.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The new tax advantage that most people don’t know about (04:48)
  • How to create wealth through wealth preservation (11:48)
  • The difference between a corporation, an S corporation, and a C corporation (23:00)
  • What trusts are, and how you leverage them the right way (41:42)

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