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Episode Notes

“The way that you overcome adversity is by making it your friend.” – Manti Te’o

They say that every setback is a setup for a great comeback and that every sacrifice flourishes into an opportunity. With God’s grace, all challenges can be won over. American football linebacker and an all-around great guy, Manti Te’o hits leadership in different levels as he recounts his parents’ sacrifices for him and reveals how he overcome adversities and kept the faith no matter what challenges he faced. An investor and a spiritual devotee, Manti drops value bombs from how he leads his team as a leader of a pack and the most significant takeaways he got from his fellow teammates.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How Manti overcame his adversity (7:26)
  • How to spot signs from God (26:49)
  • What he learned from the other players in NFL (30:44)
  • How he motivates and communicates as a leader (38:37)
  • His proactive approach in investing in education (40:38)
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