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Episode Notes

Nothing drives more people to your business than effective communication. That is why copywriting is an especially powerful tool in any business. World’s best female direct response copywriter, the “Direct Response Copy Girl”, Mara Glazer, talks about how you can be more influential in print, emails, video sales letters, and in person. Mara teaches you how you can use great copy to sell more effectively. She shares some of the strategies you can use to write better and how to translate your writing across other platforms. For the entrepreneurs tuning in, she shares tips for finding a good copywriter who can boost your business.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The things Mara did to become good at copywriting; (08:46)
    Some tips for getting good at copywriting; (13:30)
  • How copywriting translates to other media; (15:59)
  • Her take on copywriting versus active salesmanship; and (20:55)
  • How to find good copywriters (31:40)
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