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Episode Notes

There is no shortage of opportunities around us. There are many different ways to create success. Sometimes, we over complicate things — this prevents us from taking action. Precious metal expert Matt Wallace says if you truly are passionate about making a difference in your life, in your investments, and change where you are in the world, the solution is simple: do it. If we’re not on the field, we can’t have any base hits— or home runs. Matt talks about gold and silver, real estate and the jewelry business, how to spot fool’s gold, and how you can actually cash flow and find underpriced assets essentially in your own backyard, garage sales, estate sales, buy it for pennies on the dollar, and make a profit.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Ways on how to make money (01:03)
  • His crazy experience of gold mining expedition to Africa (07:15)
  • How you can cashflow from gold and other precious assets (15:15)
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