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Episode Notes

“We miss out on stuff simply by not even having the courage to ask for it.” – Micah Long

As the current environment makes it even more challenging to fulfill our wants and needs, the value of saving up has never been more important. Self-proclaimed personal finance fanatic Micah Long takes us into the world of financial adulting, tackling how we can up our game when it comes to dealing with our finances. Micah talks about the struggles of Millennials to save, discussing the Debt Snowball method and other forms of getting out of debt while highlighting the need for a good financial mindset. As someone majoring in Business and Finance in college who also got a law degree, Micah interprets tax codes for business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to understand. With that, he talks about stashing cash and the ways we can better manage risks. Micah also gives some great advice to kids, adults, and parents who want to develop their financial habit.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Why Millennials struggle to save (4:30)
  • The best way to develop a financial habit (8:16)
  • How negotiation can get you through college debt-freen (20:14)
  • How your mind can either make you rich or poor (22:32)
  • The Debt Snowball method (29:57)
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