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Episode Notes

Michael Becker, principal of SPI Advisory, takes us behind the scenes on investing in multi-family apartment buildings. He lays down the process for this type of investing as he shares his process for finding deals and underperforming assets out there in the market. He also shares his valuable insights on why someone might want out of a deal. Michael touches on important landlord issues such as raising rent and making a property more valuable. Plus, you can glean some valuable tips from Michael regarding your money, whether it’s being put towards real estate deals or business in general.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How Michael dealt with a property deal on fire; (04:00)
  • How to find under-performing assets and deals in the market; (08:02)
  • How to deal with raising rents as you improve the lives of the renters; (23:43)
  • What makes a property more valuable; and (29:11)
  • How you can hedge against economic downturn (37:20)
  • Learn more about investing in apartments with Michael & his team at
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