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Episode Notes

“Money is hard to earn and easy to lose.” – Michael Blank

Michael Blank, Managing Director of Andbank, Miami, takes us into a different conversation as he dives deep into the world of private banking. He starts by sharing his own experiences that led him to become a private banker and later on, helping many clients protect their financial capabilities. Michael then lets us in on some of the rarely talked about topics in banking such as offshore banking, cannabis, hidden assets and more. Gearing up for this fast-changing world, Michael gives bold financial predictions about the future such as where blockchain technology is taking us as well as some filters you could apply when vetting an investment opportunity.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What private banking is; (05:00)
  • How international private banking works; (11:50)
  • How they cope up when something new takes place in the banking world; (15:04)
  • How to find liquidity in your assets; and (30:02)
  • What filters you could apply when vetting an investment opportunity (34:22)
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