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Episode Notes

Have you ever thought about getting into real estate or investing yourself? Take advice from Paul Esajian, co-founder and CFO of three multi-million dollar real estate companies — Paul is the nation’s premier real estate investor, TV personality, entrepreneur, speaker and trainer. His company, CT Homes, has been featured on the popular house flipping program, Flip This House. Before Paul began flipping houses, he was flipping drinks. Paul shares his success story from being a bartender to doing his first real estate flip and to now running the empires FortuneBuilders, Grand Coast Capital, and CT Homes. He teaches a lesson or two on how to be successful by becoming an amazing storyteller, laughing at yourself, and allowing yourself to make mistakes.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Why people call him the Ironman (03:34)
  • How he mastered real estate without taking a degree (08:15)
  • How he got his first deal (20:14)
  • His definition of luck (36:25)
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